Thursday, January 11, 2007

Would you want Donald to be your developer?

From Richard Roeper's column in the Chicago Sun Times on Wednesday, January 10:

Who wants to live in a place named for Donald Trump?


It's a nice hotel with spectacular views, and on the four or five occasions when I've stayed there, the staff has been as down-to-earth, efficient and courteous as any hotel staff I've ever encountered. They don't sport Trumpian comb-overs and bellow "You're fired!" when you check out or anything.


But to LIVE in a building named after the most egomaniacal businessman of our time -- a building not in New York, but in Chicago, a building that was trotted out as a glorified prop on the first season of "The Apprentice" -- what about that? Are there some Chicagoans who have the means and the inclination to live in a building like the Trump, but would never do so because of the name and all that it implies?

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