Monday, January 15, 2007

Number of open house visitors down, expectations mixed

A survey to all my co-workers about the number of visitors to their open houses yesterday - which of course was a very important game day for the Bears - gave clear indication that traffic was slower, but that expectations were varied.

Some highlights:

  • 64% of agents did NOT take the game time into consideration when scheduling their open house.

  • 82% of agents had their open house at the same time as the game. The remainder had early open house, and no-one had a late open house.

  • Expectations were evenly distributed

  • But clearly - traffic was down from the prior week when there was no game.

This means I probably won't schedule an open house this weekend, or for Superbowl weekend. We do have a window of opportunity two weeks from now, however. Expect January 28 to be a crazy weekend with open house signs everywhere!