Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tour: Lincoln Park Zoo in Winter (really Spring)

I helped out some clients today with renting out their investment condo, and since they brought the whole family in from the suburbs, and the condo is located near the Lincoln Park Zoo, I couldn't resist dragging the family over to the new Children's Park inside the Zoo.

LP Zoo March 009

The new Tree Canopy Climbing Adventure can be found just south of the Sea Lion pool inside the main gate to the zoo.  This thing is amazing.  Where were play parks like this when I was a kid? 

LP Zoo March 008

The multi-level environment is filled with exhibits featuring animals found in jungle canopy trees. 

LP Zoo March 006

Outside, other animals seemed to be making do in the early Spring snow. 

LP Zoo March 001

Yeah, this guy doesn't look like he's anticipating the warmer weather any time soon.

LP Zoo March 004

These two look like they took care of the Easter Bunny.

LP Zoo March 014