Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chicago Sun Times reports developer can't be found

On March 5, the Chicago Sun Times reported on the apparent abandonment of the development called Motor Row located at 2300 S. Michigan Ave., in the South Loop neighborhood. Opinions seem to be varied as to whether the developer, Andrius Augunas, left the country in an attempt to abandon the development or over legitimate immigration issues.

His immigration status is unknown. In 2006, Augunas sued the Department of Homeland Security on behalf of himself and his family, saying it hadn't acted on their applications for permanent residency. The case was later settled.

Motor Row was planned as a 91-unit project on a historic stretch of South Michigan. Fitzgerald, of the firm Fitzgerald Associates Architects, said he stopped working on the project months ago when he wasn't being paid.

In addition to Motor Row, Augunas was the devloper for a 205 unit high rise at 2100 South Indiana, simlply known as the 2100 Condos. It appears that all construction activity at the 2100 Condos has also been halted.