Friday, October 26, 2007

Haunted Chicago - The A.L. Sausage Factory

Join us for a tour of some of Chicago's most haunted spots. Your guides took a tour with the experts from Weird Chicago Tours to get the low down on Chicago's scariest real estate.

The quiet neighborhood of West Lakeview used to be home to a small industrial enclave but today is a tranquil oasis of new construction homes and townhouses. These luxury lofts were completed in 1999. Before its conversion into trendy condos, the building was most recently the home of Regal Manufacturing, where they made furniture for bowling alleys and other sport facilities.

Most of the residents and area neighbors don't have a clue about the building's ghoulish history from the late 1800's...

After finding that his German sausages were well-liked in Chicago, Adolph Luetgert built a sausage plant at the southwest corner of Hermitage and Diversey Parkway in 1894. He was so taken with his own success that he also built a three-story frame house next door to the factory, which he shared with his wife Louisa.

Louisa Bicknese was an attractive young woman who was ten years younger than her husband. She was a former servant from the Fox River Valley who met her new husband by chance. He was immediately taken with her, entranced by her diminutive stature and tiny frame. She was less than five feet tall and looked almost child-like next to her burly husband. As a wedding gift, he gave her a unique, heavy gold ring. Inside of it, he had gotten her new initials inscribed, reading “L.L.”. Little did he know at the time that this ring would prove to be his undoing.

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