Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chicago Spire developer forgot to pay Real Estate Taxes


From Crain's today:

Garrett Kelleher failed to pay nearly $430,000 in property taxes due nearly two months ago on the proposed site of the Spire, even as the Irish developer was launching a lavish, five-city Asian tour to trumpet the massive skyscraper.

The 2,000-foot-tall Spire project would challenge even the most seasoned developers. And the failure to manage a routine task like property taxes raises questions about Mr. Kelleher’s ability to complete a multi-billion dollar project that demands the highest level of concentration.


Although in his defense, it appears that Mr. Kelleher submitted the correct change of address forms with the Cook County Treasurer's office last November.  And the office promptly lost them.  So the bills got mailed to the wrong address.

But as Real Estate taxes are a popular topic in the news and on the blogs, everyone knows when they're due, and thanks to articles such as this one, you know how to locate your tax bill online.