Friday, February 8, 2008

Windy City Humor

After staring bleary eyed at a variety of statistics and charts detailing the number of active units and sold units throughout Chicagoland, I decided I would post another Chicago joke. The last joke was months ago, and was about Real Estate Agents rather than Chicago, but the Sun Times ran an article on the best jokes about Chicago a few weeks ago, and my favorite is still on my mind.

Besides, agent jokes are as easy as Lawyer jokes.

So, the Department of Homeland Security wants to know which is the most effective police force in the nation, and has been conducting tests on various agencies across the country. They've identified the three best law enforcement agencies in the US and have devised a test to really determine which should be recognized as superior.

The test is deceptively simple: A rabbit is let loose in a forest, and each agency is tasked with retrieving the rabbit.

The CIA goes first. They lay waste to the forest with a top-secret atomic weapon that vaporizes the forest and the entire state that the forest is located in. Afterwards, they declare that the rabbit never existed.

The FBI goes second. They set up loudspeakers and blast all kinds of rock-n-roll heavy-metal music into the forest for days and weeks on end. When no rabbit emerges, they declare that the rabbit is too intelligent, and can't possibly be found.

Three Chicago Policemen enter the forest last. Less than an hour later they emerge from the forest dragging a bloody, battered bear by his feet in handcuffs. The bear is screaming "Alright! Alright! I'm a Rabbit! I'm a Rabbit!"