Saturday, February 2, 2008

Update on how the "Big Game" influences phone calls and visits to properties this weekend

For those that are interested, here is an interesting Superbowl Sunday traffic update.

Since Friday through right now (Saturday at 5:10) I have received 14 short notice requests to see listings. Most of these requests were either from customers directly, or request from Realtors that captured prospects from website leads.

Coming in at #1 with the most number of calls – Dreamtown.
Coming in at #2 with the second most number of calls - @properties.
Tied for 3 and 4 with one call each – Jameson and Coldwell Banker.

I would be curious to hear whether you all think this is due to (a) buyers bored during the snowstorm while snowed in their homes or (b) compressed demand that would otherwise be spread out over the week but instead tried to squeeze all their showings in a short period of time because of the Superbowl.