Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Standing Guard in West Lakeview

Standing outside the Army Navy Surplus on Lincoln Avenue just north of Barry (south of Belmont.) You just don't see many Army Navy Surplus stores anymore. Inside, the stuff seems to be pretty authentic. They do have a selection of items that clearly
try to evoke the feeling of being Army or Navy Surplus - such as the line of women's fitted tees and children's outfits, mind you.

Your guides had meant to post a long tour of North Lincoln from Wellington northwards to Melrose, but the photographs taken during the daytime did not turn out terribly well. I will be sure to take this walk again one evening soon as the new collection of stores popping up along this stretch of Lincoln look fascinating and charming when lit up at night.

The proliferation of intersting stores is a welcome addition as this stretch of Lincoln seems to have been colonized by various Carpeting Cabal families and many of the buildings house a large number of carpeting stores. Some of the storefronts sre even covered over with paper as inside the building owners are using them as storage for giant stacks of giant rolls of carpeting. Crazy when you consider that Starbucks is payuing over $25 a square foot for retail space on the same block.