Monday, December 3, 2007

Hidden Chicago - The Gold Coast from Olive Park

This spectacular photo of Chicago's North Lake Shore Drive was not taken from a boat. Few Chicagoans and even fewer visitors realize that you can walk out on a promontory that affords this amazing view. The location is called Olive Park and it's located next to the Jardine Water Filtration Plant. The way you get here is to start at Navy Pier and head west on Grand Avenue - but only a few hundred feet. Before passing the back of Lake Point Tower, take a stroll through the small park just north of Grand. As you head towards the water, you'll see a gated archway that leads to a long narrow parkway that extends out into the lake. Walk a hundred yards or so to a scenic overlook and start taking pictures. Anyone who sees your photos will be amazed at the vantage point you've discovered.


dennisalan said...

I walked and jogged through the park early one morning over Labor Day weekend in 2007. It IS stunning and very spacious Beyond that, is the memorial statue and plaque of the Medal of Honor citation awarded to Milton Lee Olive III, who fell on a live grenade to save his fellow soldiers. How did THIS particular Vietnam hero get an entire park (and it's big) named after him? There's a story to be told.