Friday, July 13, 2007

If anyone reads this - Please, STOP using OBEO for Virtual Tours

Readers - please check out the Virtual Tours hosted by OBEO. For me and Steve, it seems that more than half the time, when we view a Virtual Tour that's hosted by OBEO, the viewer crashes and causes all Internet Explorer windows to close unexpectedly. Here are a few links to OBEO Tours:

7120 N. Sheridan Rd.
4553 N. Magnolia Ave.
560 W. Roscoe
5728 N. Kenmore

Post your comments letting me know if you have success viewing this OBEO tour, and any others you may come across. Thank you!


Update on October 25, 2007: Steven from OBEO's parent company posted in the comments a few months back, and I tried the above tour links again. Still crash my system. Someone from OBEO was on this page again yesterday, which prompted me to re-try the tours. The photos and the slide show worked, but clicking on the panorama tab still ground my browser to a halt, rendering it un-usable and necessitating a ctrl-alt-delete to close the window. Still no good.


Will said...

I had the same problem, and complained numerous times, but they were completely unresponsive. That's why I switched to

Obeoman said...

Obeoman here from Wisconsin-Steven Stearns!
Please call me at 262-325-8687 and we will take care of you - has some great ideas, but they generate little or no traffic to your listings compared to Obeo.
We have had some bumps and growing pains, so just get back to me!

Bob said...

Steven, you guys need to test the viewer on a variety of platforms. These obeo tours froze my Internet Explorer again tonight after your post. Only a three-finger salute could un-freeze my system. And I'm running a Core 2 Duo system with 2 gigs of RAM over a fast DSL connection. As long as these bloated tours are available on our local MLS, I will rally against them and encourage as many users as possible to drop this bad buggy product.