Friday, July 20, 2007

Company Get Together

We work for a great company.

On Thursday night, @properties sponsored a great event for all the agents with families. They rented out Bubbles Academy near Lincoln Park for an evening of activities, singing and dancing, arts and crafts. Without kids of my own, I absconded with my 3 year old niece - Miss Delphine - to accompany me to the event.

Your guides have worked for their fair share of real estate companies, and we must say that we've never worked for such a diverse company that reaches out to the needs of its employees and agents. @properties has rented out Wrigley Field for batting practice, sponsored floats in Chicago's Gay Pride Parade, and now has hosted a fun night of diversions for the kiddies.

Miss Delphine and I had a great time singing and dancing with all the kids. We must say that our craft-paper and glitter-glue moons were the best of the group. We limited ourselves to one cookie and cupcake in order to be able to eat dinner with Steve later. We even made a few friends we wouldn't have otherwise made in our large company.

As we were leaving Bubbles at the end of the evening, a former employer of mine drove by - completely randomly - and her jaw appeared to drop quite dramatically when she saw all of us happy agents leaving with so many kids in tow. If any of you readers are agents and are considering making a company change, we really can't rave enough about how happy we've been at our company for the past six years.