Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It slowed down in the real world; Online stats back up seat of the pants.


Online viewing of Real Estate seems to be on the decline just as it has felt in the real world in the past few weeks.  From a high of nearly 8,000 views per week, viewership seems to have fallen about 1/3 to approximately 5,000 views per week. 

Viewing in person seems to have fallen off even more than the 30% drop off in online viewership.

At some point every summer, the level of traffic at open houses eases off about 50%.  Throughout summer, we will still get good traffic from phone calls and Realtors, but curious buyers just getting started who are willing to drive around and explore different neighborhoods have their wish lists and goals focused by this time in the shopping season. 

Stats from Realtor.com for  25 active listings.