Friday, May 2, 2008

Love Hate Relationship with Blogger & Google


I host this blog at Blogger.  It's part of Google.  I started blogging a couple years ago and wasn't sure how it would work out.  And as the blog got bigger and more popular, it never seemed like it would be worth the hassle to move it to my own hosting company.  And to learn how to publish the blog in WordPress.  Or other platform.

But earlier this week, the automatic spam software at Blogger decided your humble real estate writer was a spammer and the Windy City Guide was a spam blog.  And the blog got locked.

When your blog gets locked, you can't make any more posts.  You get a nasty note that tells you that you need to follow some directions to have a human review your blog or that the whole thing gets deleted in 20 days.  And since the service is free, it's not like you get instant customer service. 

All in all, a rotten experience.  If I was paying for the service, I'd really be angry.  Even so, it's a terrible feeling to feel like you're losing control of something you've invested a couple years of work in.

Feel free to send along your suggestions on where and how to move.