Monday, January 28, 2008

Will real estate agents host open house on Super-bowl Sunday?

I was curious as to whether my compatriots would host open house on Sunday even though it's the day of "The Big Game." The football game doesn't start until 5:15 here in Chicago. With that in mind, I asked all of my co-workers whether they are hosting an open house on Super-bowl Sunday? And if so, do they think the festivities of the day will impact the number of visitors to their open houses.

And the results:

Yes - I will host an open house on Sunday = 7

No - No open house on Sunday = 14

Comments from my co-workers...

I will be holding an open house from 11:30-2:30. I figured since the game is in the evening, people could get some house time in earlier. I might even do one from 11-2.

My clients have requested that I NOT do open houses, as they have big plans and want the day to prepare and relax and enjoy!

Traffic could not be any lower at my listing than it already is, but if I had been getting people out to see it, I would expect that to dry up on Super Bowl Sunday. However, I do seem to recall that last year many agents (myself included) were very busy with showings on the buy and list side the day before the Super Bowl, despite some wickedly cold temperatures, as buyers tried to get their business done so they could spend all day Sunday with their beloved Bears. This year IS a potentially historic Super Bowl, after all, so if someone's inclined to hold an Open House this weekend I might consider Saturday instead of Sunday.

Personally I don’t hold open houses in January and until the first week after the super bowl.

I would not host an open on Superbowl Sunday. The game may be later in the day but the parties start early.

I would not do an open. Pregame impacts traffic.

No open houses for our group. I don't think people will be out at all.

I wouldn't because I don't think people are out home shopping. I think they are hosting or going to a party and not really thinking about real estate. If my clients insist, I would just do 12 - 2pm only.

Ab-so-lutely! I did one last year & was busy. Lots of non-football men and women.

I'm not. I held one yesterday when there were no games.

No, I will not host any open houses on Sunday. Over the last few years, there has been little or no traffic.

I would, there are a lot of people like me out there, who have zero interest in football. Last year I sat line on Super bowl Sunday when the Bears played, from 12-3pm and had 18 people register with @home agent.

In my experience, Superbowl Sunday is a lot like a holiday weekend --- there's fewer open houses and fewer buyers, but those buyers that are out there --- more serious.

No. I have found it historically to be a super quiet day.

No. Unless it’s a development.

I’ve done them over the years on Super Sunday. Do it early if at all. But as much as I like to make an excuse not to do an open house, I have gotten traffic.

Personally, I wouldn’t because I think most people like to enjoy the whole Superbowl Sunday. It’s nice to be able to watch the commentators and athletes talking about the event, expectations and whatnot. The anticipation before the game is fun! Plus, usually people go to Superbowl parties a couple of hours prior to game time. Having said that, I suppose for those who are in immediate need of a home they’d probably come on this big day regardless. It probably won’t necessarily impact OH traffic but it’s hard to tell. I would suggest an early one if doing it. Say, 11-1pm.

Yes, to answer your question I am having my development open and I am going to sell the remaining two units. And darrowwest is still a cool name and a rockin’ team. And you’re good people as they sometimes say in the mid-west.


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