Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Fat to Cut?!

Here’s my rant for the day.

My taxes are going up. Not just property, but sales taxes, vehicle registration, etc. At the same time, city, state and county services are being cut. The powers that be want more of my money to do less and less for me and my neighbors.

All levels of government complain that there is no more fat to cut. Their only choice to keep “moving forward” is to raise existing taxes and invent new ones.

Add to that I’m stressed about global warming.

How can we help fix both at the same time? I got it!

We can start by having these four City of Chicago vehicles that have been sitting in front of my house with 9 city employees standing around doing nothing for the past two hours, idling and burning EXPENSIVE fuel do two simple things: 1) Turn off the darn engines when just sitting for more than a few minutes; and 2) Stop paying employees who sit around doing nothing. It is the old one guy working while four supervise.

Hmmmm…..No fat to cut?