Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sellers - You'll want to be away during the home inspection

A client whose home sold over the previous weekend recently asked "Any reason why I cannot be present for the home inspection? What sort of inspection tasks will be performed inside the unit for two hours?"

This is an excellent opportunity to go over the reasons why it's a great idea to spend a couple hours away from your home.

At the home inspection, the inspector will test all the systems and appliances in the home. You can expect him to plug a tester into all the wall outlets, open and close all the windows, run all the appliances (dishwasher, washer and dryer included – in case any laundry is inside) operate the heat and the air. He'll also turn on all the faucets, the showers and tubs. Operating all these items, then detailing the results in a report usually takes about 2 hours, with a 30 minute period either way for a fudge factor.

Usually we encourage our home owners to be away as being home can be distracting. You feel like you have to entertain, and the buyers feel awkward poking and prodding your home. In some cases, a buyer won't be able to resist peppering the seller with questions about the home, the area or the building (if it's a condo.)

At this delicate stage in the contract period, the fewer distractions - the better.