Tuesday, April 10, 2007

32nd Ward Runoff Election (Continued) - West Lakeview & Bucktown

Last week I spoke too early. Today I received EIGHT (8) pieces of campaign literature for the two battling candidates in Chicago's 32nd Ward.

My nod to the candidate that offered something of substance in his literature is to Scott Waguespack who sent two positive mail pieces and two negative pieces. Alderman Matlak, on the other hand, sent out all negative material.

Highlights from Scott's not-quite-yet garbage: "You don't believe in the tooth fairy. So why would you believe Ted Matlak's lies?"

And from Matlak's campaign bird-cage-liner: "Scott Waguespack wants you to believe he's a reformer. But he was FIRED for doing politics on taxpayer time and his administration is under investigation for possible illegal hiring."

Also "Ghost of corruption past. Scott Waguespack was FIRED for campaigning on taxpayer time."

Man, if I learned that even a dime of my tax money was spent on any of this trash, I'd vote either one of them out of office.


stateelm said...

Got the same mailers. I early voted for Waguespack so the mail means nothing to me. I think Wagues represents my concerns/views well. I like the way he has taken Matlak to the matt, and how he has defended himself against what must clearly be lies. The Tribune and the Journal each "reaffirmed" their endorsements of him just last week. If he was a 1/3 of truth to what Matlak says, those two papers would have dropped kicked Wagues to the curb.

Also, if any of the Matlak stuff was true, why didn't it come out in the primary?

I will say this, either Matlak's campaign is easy for Waguespack to read or they have a mole in their camp because Waguespack has responded with pieces within what seems like hours.