Monday, March 19, 2007

Seller Preparations - Get an Entry Rug

I had a quick conversation with a new seller this morning. She has a home that's almost 7 years old and in pristine condition. She has been able to keep her home in this condition by forbidding visitors from wearing shoes inside her home. Her place truly is a testament to how effective removing shoes can be in keeping carpeting and floors in brand-new condition.

One more item to add to your seller's kit of items needed to sell your home: another entryway rug. I have to ask prospective buyers as many as three times to remove their shoes sometimes, and in order to get the message across, I use this approach:

1. Have the seller post a very friendly note inside the front door asking people to remove their shoes.

2. The note reminds me to ask visitors to remove their shoes.

3. Have an entry rug blocking the way into the home with at least one pair of shoes right-smack in the middle of the way into the home.

Yes, sometimes buyers need to be beaten over the head THREE times before they get the message that I do indeed mean them, too, and that they don't have some sort of Shoe VIP status alleviating them from taking their shoes off.

Oh, and if you're a buyer reading this? Don't wear religious socks when you go home shopping. You know - Holy.